Loss Prevention

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Too many people mistakenly think a lack of moving parts means little can go wrong with electrical systems. The failure rate of electrical components is three times higher for systems without preventive maintenance programmes.

The two top causes of electrical distribution failures, loose connections and exposure to moisture, account for nearly half of all electrical losses. Both problems can be corrected with a comprehensive electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) programme.


Electrical Preventative Maintenance 


Consideration should be given to the following factors when planning a maintenance program:

  • Qualified Personnel
    The people who perform your EPM programme must be properly trained for the specific equipment being maintained or tested. They should have a thorough understanding of electrical safety practices and procedures.
  • Scheduled Maintenance
    Inspection, testing and servicing of equipment should be done on a regular basis, at least once every three years and more often for critical components.
  • Informed Decisions
    It will be necessary to make informed, responsible decisions about how best to correct any problem conditions. This can only be accomplished if personnel reviewing test reports have a thorough understanding.
  • Performing the Work
    There is little point in testing and inspections if there is no intention to fix the problem. It is preferable to take the plant out of service at a time most suited to business needs.
  • Record-Keeping
    A Clear, concise and complete record-keeping system will help make sure that all work is done when it should be. Tracking test results over time also can often identify a potential failure that can be corrected before it happens.


Electrical preventative maintenance is cost-effective as it improves equipment efficiency and reduces utility bills. The electrical distribution system should not be neglected. An EPM programme should be considered before a costly failure occurs.


Tests available

Inspection of complete electrical installations is available from HSB Engineering Insurance, we can also limit inspections to specified items.