Hotels & Motels

Below is a list of the typical types of plant that you might expect to find at the above:

Steam Boilers e.g. Canteen Boilers
Refrigeration Plant
Hot Water Heating/Supply Systems
Window Cleaning Equipment
Passenger/Goods Lifts
General Electrical/Mechanical Plant e.g. Motors, Pumps
Electrical Installations e.g. Fixed Wiring

Hotels / Motels Process Overview

These occupancies usually consist of buildings in which rooms are rented on a daily basis.

The locations will often have a complete kitchen and restaurant facility.

The primary processes are environmental air conditioning and heating, electrical power supply, refrigeration of food, extensive telephone systems, and other business equipment.

Many locations will have a swimming pool, with associated pumps and heaters.

Other processes may include television satellite receivers, elevator systems, and fire protection systems.

Critical Equipment Exposures

Restaurant equipment includes small hermetic refrigeration units that receive little or no maintenance. CONSEQUENTIAL exposure may be high in some hotel restaurants.

Heating & Air Conditioning equipment size and type varies from location to location, depending upon the age, size, and design of the location. The variation can be as much as individual heat pumps for each room to a single centrally located system. Normally, the equipment is of a type and located such as to allow for rapid repair or replacement of even major components. When there are individual heat pumps, there is usually no maintenance program. The units are operated until they break down, and are changed out as a unit. Larger centralized units usually have preventive maintenance programs in place, and have some installed spare capacity to minimize a Business Interruption loss.

Electrical Supply originated losses are usually due to lightning and other surges or under voltage conditions. The electrical supply should be protected against wide voltage swings. The telephone system should be specifically protected against power variance, both on the power supply lines and on the incoming telephone connections.