Investigative Methods

There are many tools used in the investigation of engineering claims. Many Engineering Insurers employ qualified engineers who as part of their company's services, provide Plant Inspection Services.

In addition to their own engineers, Engineering Insurance Companies may also call on the services of a Specialist Engineering Loss Adjuster who as well as being an expert in his or her particular field, are also trained to understand and interpret a wide variety of Insurance Policies and their wordings.

Loss adjusters effectively deal with an incident on behalf of an insurance company and in most instances are able to provide closer day to day liason with a client than would be possible with a busy claims office.

Some companies such as our own, may have a specialist division who are able to help with the sourcing of specialist pieces of equipment such as difficult to find spare or replacement parts or in some cases whole machines.

These services also prove beneficial to other parties including manufacturers, suppliers and even Loss Adjusters. These services are known as Expediting Services.